Podcasts & Mixes by El Petit Jardí

Active Chill Mix by El Petit Jardi .. 5 Lounge/Chill tracks produced and blended in a Non Stop version.
01 - Lounge Module (encapsuled Lounge)
02 - Al-Andalus (Flamenco Chill)
03 - Minor (Maximus Edit)
04 - Russian Lounge
05 - Lounge Departure

Radio Active Dance mix by El Petit Jardí   4 disco/dance tracks produced and blended for a training non stop mix
01-Ecxtasy (Float With me)
02-Radio Active
03-Live it Up
04-Got it like that
and Vocals from the ??? 5th track

Inside the Blue Ambient Mix by El petit jardi   4 Ambient tracks produced and blended in a non stop mix
01- Slow Project - Liatha
02- Slow Project - Shamina
03- Slow Project - Whiaya (New Age Edit)
04- 2012 Ambient- Microcosmos Wave
 Download Inside the Blue Ambient Mix

.. 5 trance and progressive trance tracks mixed in a non stop mix
01.- Fantasy
02.- Heavenly
03.- Purity
04.- Wonderful Universe
05.- Perfect Sunshine

 El Petit Jardí Nu Jazz Mix   A blend of Nu Jazz, Lounge and House Chill
1.- Lounge Light
2.- Nu Jazz Felings
3.- Martini Girl
4.- Cabassa Spots
5.- Wave City
6.- Jango Xtra